It is very tempting to start explaining why I started this project through a series of fallacies and platitudes; the sort that would suggest that this is somehow filling an obvious void. No such luck, I’m afraid. It’s hardly a struggle to get one’s fix. In the sphere of writing on style, fashion, and clothing in general there seems to be a vast trove of sources filling just about every niche. 

The truth is that I started Stuff Club wholly out of self interest. I simply love clothes. Pair that love with a strong urge to not only write more, but to write with some sense of purpose, and it would make sense to marry the two passions. Call it a blog, journal, diary or whatever you like. Over time, as the writing (hopefully) develops a more fleshed-out voice, the project can start to gain a sense of structure. Until then, I’ll simply start writing about stuff—the things that I think are good stuff. 

So why clothes? Because clothes are, like so many things, deeply multi-facetted. They’re a form of individual, and at times deeply personal, expression, while simultaneously being informed by (and in turn potentially informing) so many other matters of interest (e.g. music, history, various subcultures, etc.). While this is true for plenty of other forms of (cultural) expression and media, what I love about clothing is that it’s one we all partake in, whether we like it or not. 

Due to its personal nature, the approaches to clothing that you’ll find here will invariably be influenced by my own tastes and views. As a cis-gendered, white man growing up and living in Northern Euopre, much of what I know about clothing, and even more so what I’ve personally encountered, comes from that background. I think that’s something worth keeping in mind. To be more specific, I love (men’s) tailoring (and all the closely adjacent genres of clothing) and have an appreciation for its craftsmanship and its rich and deep heritage. Most of all, I love contemporary re-appropriations of it. Without a doubt, much of Stuff Club will touch on this very corner of clothing